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Violet Unit I

The concept of twelve units in NITOR resulted in the emergence of violet unit I in the year November, 2007. This unit is headed by Professor Sajjad Husain. This unit has special interest in locking Plates and interlocking Nailing of long bone, but manages efficiently all sorts of trauma and orthopaedic patients.

The doctors of the unit are:

Doctors of voilet unit I

Ward rounds

The doctors of the unit are:
Professor Dr.Md Sajjad Husain.
Assist. Professors-
          Dr.S.M. Amir Hossain
          Dr.Md. Golam Sarwar
Consultant- Dr. Hafizur Rahman Khan
Assistant Registrar Dr. Md. Tanvir Ashraf
Medical Officer Dr. Nitya Ranjan Ray
H. M. O.Dr.Md.Mashiur Rahman Sarker

Violet Unit II

The violet unit of NITOR was first started in the year 2001 under Professor Dr. Ramdew Ram Kairy. On July 2002 this violet unit was designated as SIGN and interlocking nail unit under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Shahiduzzaman upto June 2006. After the Prof. Dr. Md. Sajjad Hosain continued till October 2007. Thereafter on November 2007. this unit was divided into violet I and violet II. Violet II was headed by Asso. Prof. Dr. M.A.Awal Since November 2008 Asso. Prof. Dr. Md. Shah Alam is continuing the unit in charge. From December 2010 this unit has declared as Spine Unit

Doctors of voilet unit II

Ward rounds

The doctors of the unit are:
Dr. Shah Alam (Asoct prof)
Dr. Syed Shahidul Islam (Asstt prof)
Dr. Md. Rezaul Karim (Reg)
Dr. Uttam Kumar Ray (C/A)
Dr. Md. Sayeed Hossain (M/O)

Health Minister
Honorable Minister
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

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