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Hand Surgery

Dr. Ramdew Ram Kairy

The specially of Hand Surgery developed out of necessity during World War II. Hand injuries required special expertise from several surgical disciplines to repair injured bones, joints, nerves, and arteries. Gathering together many different specialists to treat a single injured soldier was not practical or even possible during wartime and it quickly became obvious that a selected group of surgeons needed to be trained to care for all components of the arm. Dr. Sterling Bunnell, a consultant to the US Army, developed a training program that taught interested surgeons the multiple skills needed to care for all of the parts of the arm and the surgical specialty of hand surgery was born. The world has gone far ahead since then.
Hand surgery started as a specialty in Bangladesh first at NITOR in 2001 when yellow unit was designated as hand surgery unit headed by Prof R R Kairy with active support of Prof. Faruque Reza Aolad the then Prof. & Director of NITOR. Dr. O F G Kibria had joined him who had his training on hand surgery form AIMS and Stanly Medical College, India. Dr. Monowar and Dr. Monirul Alam then worked in hand unit. At present Dr. Md. Jahangir Alam, Dr. A.B.M. Golam Faruque, Dr. Sudhangsu Kumar Singh. Dr. Purnendu Biswas are working in hand unit.
Hand surgery unit holds their OPD session on every Tuesday and schedules them for surgery. The operations are performed on day basis at the Ayjaz Ahmed specialized OT Complex on Sunday. On an average more than 95 operation are performed in a year. The following operations are performed routinely.
1. Extensor and flexor tendon repair and reconstruction
2. Nerve repair and grafting and tendon transfers
3. C T S decompression and Dupoytrens contracture release
4. Cross finger flap, Radial artery forearm flap, posterior interossious flap.
5. Fracture of metacarpal and Phalanx- ORIF by plate screw and K wire
6. Opponens plasty
7. Tumor surgery
8. Correction of congenital deformities of hand

Operation being performed by Hand Unit

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