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Department of Pathology

Pathology department of NITOR is playing a vital role in the patient management of this hospital. At present this department is being managed by 2 doctors, 2 technologists and 4 other staffs. Out of two doctors one Assistant professor who is specialist in Histopathology & Cytology and one Medical Officer who is specialist in Clinical Pathology
NITOR is a 500 bedded tertiary level hospital. Number of patients and number of tests performed in this pathology laboratory is increasing day by day. Routine pathological tests are done in this department. Along with these routine activities Histopathology service was restarted at the end of 2005 after a long interval of several years. There is no technologist trained in histopathology. We are trying to perform the works sincerely with our limited resources and facilities. For the improvement of the department, number of specialist doctors, experienced technologists and other staffs needs to be increased. The department if possible should be divided into individual sections like Histopathology & Cytopathology, Haematology & Clinical Pathology, Microbiology as in other specialized hospitals like NIKDU & NICVD.
Recently some new instruments have been installed in the pathology laboratory. Some of the instruments are giving good services. Good quality Microscope and Biochemistry Analyzer are urgently needed for smooth functioning of the department. Still we are discharging our duties with utmost sincerity

Doctors & Staffs

By adding new instruments and increasing the skilled man power, Pathology department can further improve their services.

Doctors & Staffs are:

Dr. Syed Salahuddin Ahmed (Asstt. Prof.)
Dr. S.M. Masud (Medical Officer)
Md. Abdus Sobhan (Senior Medical Technologist)
Md. Delowar Hossain (Medical Techonologist) Rahana Begum (Lab. Attendant).
Lutfar Rahman (Lab. Attendant)
Abdus Salam (Ward boy, Working as Lab. Attendant)
Md. Matiur Rahman (Lab. Attendant)

Health Minister
Honorable Minister
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Total Visitors