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Postgraduate degree

Since 1976 the academic council is conducting the exams of masters of surgery (orthopaedics) and Diploma in orthopaedics under postgraduate Medicine faculty of Dhaka University. But recently these post graduate degrees have been taken under Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU). More then 390 doctors have completed their specialization in orthopaedic surgery from NITOR. A total of 14 overseas doctors have completed their M.S. in orthopaedics form this institute. Graduation degree in Physiotherapy is also conducted by NITOR.
Medical library service:
Library contains almost all the orthopaedics & Trauma Surgery and Physical Medicine books and journals. Services are available from 8 am to 10 pm and home issue provisions are also there for students and faculty.
Research Activities:
A large number of research activities have been performed in this institute. Submission of a complete research work is mandatory to appear in the final MS (Orth). Since 1976 about 248 research works were done.
We hope a good number of new titles of research will be added in the list. We have some lacking in this field, particularly laboratory facility, Biostatistician and Biomechanical engineer. We require fulfilling all these facilities for advanced research at NITOR.

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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

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