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Welcome to NITOR


The prime orthopaedic hospital in Bangladesh which was established by the father of the nation Bangabandhu Read More

Founder of NITOR

Dr. R.J. Garst

Some human being are larger than life. Prof. R.J. Garst was one of them. He was a friend of Bangladesh. His name is synonymous with the dedicated care of the wounded freedom

fighters of the war of liberation and with the birth of National institute of traumatology and orthopaedci Rehabilitation (NITOR), the then RIHD Dr. Garst was working in Ludhiana, India as a missionary surgeon in 1971. in Bangladesh, Read More..


On 16 December 1971, Bangladesh Bangladesh became a sovereign independent state after a nine months liberation war The

country at that time had only one orthopaedic surgeon and a single orthopaedic department with few beds Read More..



NITOR is the fruit of liberation war. We proudly remember the Father of the

Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibar Rahman. We recall with gratitude the sacrifices of our brave freedom fighters and people in general for giving their lives for the independence of Bangladesh. With the war of liberation,the new nation Read More..