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Working Day in Different Units

Saturday Red Unit Voilet,Green Yellow-1,2,/Pink-1,2 Blue-2,1 Blue-2,1
Sunday Blue Unit Red,Pink Voilet-1,2,/Green-1,2 Yellow-2,1 Yellow-2,1
Monday Yellow Unit Blue,Voilet Red-1,2,/Pink-1,2 Green-2,1 Green-2,1
Tuesday Green Unit Yellow,Red Blue-1,2,/Voilet-1,2 Pink-2,1 Pink-2,1
Wednesday Pink Unit Green,Blue Yellow-1,2,/Red-1,2 Voilet-2,1 Voilet-2,1
Thursday Voilet Unit Pink,Yellow Green-1,2,/Blue-1,2 Red-2,1 Red-2,1
Friday - - - By Rotation By Rotation

** Seek your appointment in contact with respective Unit

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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

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